A downloadable game for Windows

Ready to get to work? Mr. Igneus is getting impatient with us! Let's get to delivering already!

In Mr. Igneus Salmon Transportation Co. or MIST Co. for short, you play as a newly recruited team that has to transport boxes and barrels of salmon across the 7 seas as fast as physically possible. The game is perfect for a group get together as you have to work together in the hectic, harsh and hilarious world of salmon transport.

The game is only played with XBOX controllers for the moment, and you need to be at least 2 players to play the game. We will continue work on this project to deliver more features for you in the future, such as cross-network multiplayer and keyboard support.

Install instructions

Install the installer provided and follow the instructions given there. When done, boot up the game from either your desktop or Program Files folder


MIST Co. Setup (x86_64).exe 15 MB

Development log