A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the world of VapoR. In this single-player fighting game, you get to fight an AI which could have used a bit more work with a robust moveset. In the world of VapoR, you play as an average VR player. The twist? This game is not in VR, thus it has becometh a meta-game in which you play as a VR player, playing a VR game.

The moveset is quite simple.

WASD - Movement
Space - Jump
Left Ctrl - Crouch
F - Light Attack
E - Heavy Attack
Q - Special Attack
Arrow Keys - Taunt

Your goal is simple, knock your opponent down before he knocks you down. Remember, every punch you deliver will build up your special meter, which will deal a devastating blow to the enemy.

Known Issues:

As I'm writing this, it is currently 6:50am on Saturday. I have not slept since 7am yesterday and between then and now, I've sat with this game. Some of the things that are wrong with the game are oversights that became apparent when my brain had already turned off.

- The match timer does nothing at the moment. If you play longer than for two minutes, the timer goes into the negatives.

- The AI is janky. Some of his attacks are not well thought out and would definitely need a polish in the future.

- Some of the attacks have a tendency to feel like they should have hit, but don't. This is something that I am aware of and would also need some further polish.

- I would personally have wanted the player to be semi-transparent for better visibility of the enemy, but the game is still playable with or without it.

Install instructions

The game can either be installed using the installer, if you want to have an executable straight on your computer. There's also a zip variant, which can be used for more temporary play time/if you don't want to install.


VapoR x64 Installer.exe 17 MB
VapoR x86 Zipped.zip 23 MB